Sheila was an assistant at the party shop that Beth Sutherland attempted to return a flower costume to in November 2017.

Sheila asked Beth whether the costume had been worn, to which she replied that she had only tried it on and then changed her mind about buying. Sheila spotted stains on the costume and told Beth that she wasn't able to give refunds when the garments have been damaged. Beth denied the accusations and said that she wouldn't leave the shop until she had been given a refund.

The manager of the store intervened in the situation and told Sheila and Beth that they both needed to calm down. Beth informed the pair that she was the husband of Kirk Sutherland, the mascot of Weatherfield County FC. The manager was impressed by Beth's relations to "Buzzer the Bee" and told her that he had voted for Kirk to become mayor.

When Sheila struggled to believe that a football mascot had ran for mayor, the manager showed her a copy of the Weatherfield Gazette that had an article about Buzzer. The photo used in the article provided evidence that Beth had worn the store's outfit and meant that she was unable to claim a refund.

The police were later called to the shop after an argument broke out between Beth and Sheila. Beth's son Craig Tinker asked his mum to leave and threatened to arrest her if she failed to do so.