Sharon Donovan was the alcoholic mother of Carla Connor and Rob Donovan. She gave birth to Carla in January 1975, nine months after a one-night stand with Johnny Connor. Johnny knew Carla was most likely his child, but he pushed the matter to the back of his mind, although he did continue paying child support secretly to Sharon. A couple or so years after Carla's birth, Sharon had a second child, Rob, to another man.

In December 1993 - just over nineteen years after their one-night stand, a drunken Sharon revealed to Johnny's wife Louisa Connor that Carla was his daughter. This led to an unfortunate chain of events when a distressed Louisa ran away and was struck and killed by a drunk driver, leaving Johnny widowed and his two children Aidan and Kate motherless. Around this time a drunk Sharon told Rob about Carla's parentage, although he wasn't too sure she was telling the truth.

At some point in the early 2000s, Sharon got into debt with drug dealers. As Carla had moved on with her new husband Paul Connor and never looked back, Rob found himself taking part in an armed robbery as a getaway driver in order to pay the debt, but this lead to his arrest and he was sentenced to eight years in Strangeways Jail.

Sharon passed away in June 2011 - the news of which was relayed to Carla by a still-imprisoned Rob.

In 2015, the truth of Johnny being Carla's father came back to haunt him when Rob (who was now serving a second stint in prison for the murder of Tina McIntyre) used the information to try and blackmail £10,000 out of him. This attempt failed though, as Johnny eventually told Carla the truth and Aidan and Kate were later informed.

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