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Sharif Nazir was the father of the late Kal Nazir, husband of Yasmeen Nazir and grandfather of Alya Nazir and Zeedan Nazir. Sharif arrived on the street in 2014 after becoming an investor in his son's gym business, V Court Fitness, where he continued to work even after his son's death in 2015.

Having been indulging in a seven-year affair with his wife's best friend Sonia Rahman, Sharif was eventually kicked out by Yasmeen when she learned of his disloyalty in 2016. Finding himself disowned by his family, Sharif left the street.



Sharif and Yasmeen got married in 1971, and their only son Kal was born sometime afterwards. Kal would later grow up, get married himself and give Sharif and Yasmeen two grandchildren, Alya and Zeedan. Tragically Kal was widowed in 2012, leaving him alone with his children but got support from his parents. Unknown to his family, Sharif became involved in an affair with Yasmeen's close friend Sonia Rahman in March 2009, which would carry on for many more years undetected.


Kal attempted to set up a gym business, V Court Fitness, by his own means, becoming the partner of investor Dev Alahan but he found that he didn't have the financial means to back up his intentions. With great reluctance, Kal was forced to ask his father for the money, knowing that the dominant man would immediately belittle him by taking over the setting-up operations and overriding any objections from Kal and Dev. Within minutes of meeting Dev, Sharif insisted that the fitting-out contract be taken away from Jason Grimshaw and given to someone he knew who was cheaper, telling Dev that his friendship with the young builder shouldn't interfere with a business decision. Kal was vociferous in his objections but his curt and dismissive father ignored his protestations. 

Sharif and his family were distraught when Kal died in May 2015 in a fire at 12 Victoria Court while rescuing Amy Barlow. They were disgusted when they later discovered that Tracy Barlow was responsible for the fire but had got away with her crime.

In August 2016, when Sharif and Yasmeen were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary at their home, Sonia suddenly turned up having been kicked out of her marital home by husband Tariq. Sharif felt uneasy and things weren't helped when an oblivious Yasmeen allowed Sonia to stay until things were sorted. Despite the awkwardness, the pair slept together when Yasmeen was out running an errand for Cathy Matthews. Sharif's granddaughter Alya began to suspect that Sonia was up to no good, due to her flirtatious looks towards Sharif. Alya took Sharif to task over it and he ended up confessing, but lied that they had only had a one-off encounter, several years prior. Alya blackmailed Sharif for £14,000 so she could pay for a machine for Underworld.

The affair was eventually exposed three months later when Yasmeen overheard Sharif and Sonia arguing over their relationship. During the engagement party of Zeedan and Rana Habeeb, Yasmeen was unable to cope any longer and publicly exposed Sharif as a cheat. When the pair of them were alone, Sharif told her the truth. When Alya and Zeedan returned home, it then came out that she had known about the affair and was blackmailing her grandfather. An upset Yasmeen then ordered both Sharif and Alya to pack their bags and leave the house.

A couple of days later Sharif disappeared without informing his family or business partner Dev (whom he co-owned the gym with). The only thing he left behind was a note for Yasmeen revealing he had left town for good and was now staying with relatives in Newcastle. This caused more distress and anger for Yasmeen as Sharif had run away from his responsibilities in what Zeedan viewed as an act of cowardice.

Yasmeen contacted Sharif in May 2018 wanting a divorce, and it was revealed that he has met someone else and wants to remarry.

Other information

  • Sharif's hobby was tending to his chicken coop in the garden. After he relocated to Newcastle, his wife Yasmeen looked after the brood.

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"You order drinks before introducing me, even?" (First line, to son Kal).


"It's been a long day, we're all tired and emotional." (Final line)

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