Seth Smithson was a colleague of Jude Appleton at the gift shop at Weatherfield Marine Life Centre.

While working at the gift shop, Jude was often annoyed by Seth and his colleague Philippa McMoss, who delighted in ridiculing and teasing him. Due to their abuse, Jude often complained about the pair to his wife Angie, who suggested inviting them round for dinner as a way of making peace.

However, Jude had spun Angie a lie about having a successful job in the research department rather than working in the gift shop and began making excuses for why they wouldn't be able to come. Angie decided to surprise Jude by visiting the marine centre and check that he had asked Seth and Philippa to join them for dinner. Jude spotted Angie approaching the shop and decided to break the fire alarm in order to prevent her finding him.

During the evacuation of the marine centre, Jude got changed into a smart suit and later met Angie outside. Seth attempted to speak to Jude, however, he shrugged him off, telling Angie he was just a man who worked at the gift shop. Jude told Angie that he had invited Seth and Philippa to dinner, escalating his lies further.

The next day, Seth told Jude that he had seen the CCTV and knew that he had set off the fire alarm. Philippa mocked Jude, who told the pair that he should be in research rather than working in the gift shop. Seth promptly fired Jude, telling him that he was lucky the incident wasn't being taken any further.

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