Sergeant Mackie was on duty at Weatherfield Police Station in September 2008 when fellow officer Mel Morton had arrested her own mother, Teresa Bryant, on suspicion of the attempted murder of Jerry Morton, her father. Teresa having previously confessed to Jerry that she had deliberately been giving him higher than prescribed doses of medication.

After Mel initially filled the Desk Sergeant in with all the details of the crime, he called upon Sergeant Mackie to take over proceedings. Jerry informed him that he'd been careless with his pills and the whole incident was a misunderstanding, however Sergeant Mackie still wanted to take a formal statement. Mel was infuriated that her father didn't want to press any charges against Teresa and voiced her concerns and frustration to the sergeant. He told her that although her explanation of events may have been correct, she had to calm herself down and report to his office when she had done so.

Sergeant Mackie was played by Simon Harvey who also played an unnamed Desk Sergeant in September 2009 and January 2012. It is possible that the two characters are one in the same but probably unlikely, as Sergeant Mackie was office-based.
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