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Sebastian "Seb" Franklin is the late son of Abi Franklin.

Seb arrived in Coronation Street as Faye Windass's tearaway boyfriend in 2016. Much to the chagrin of Faye's adoptive mother Anna, their relationship survived Seb going to a young offenders facility for assaulting Jackson Hodge, the father of Faye's daughter Miley. When he was released, he started working for Pat Phelan, becoming an unwitting pawn in the serial killer's crimes which included framing Anna for knocking Seb off his ladder. Although he ultimately tried to help clear Anna's name, Seb's initial doubts over her innocence caused Faye to finish with him.

When he began dating Faye, Seb hid a troubled home life, including the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of Abi's partner Darren and the neglect his younger siblings Charlie and Lexi endured due to Abi's drug habit. When the twins were taken into care, Seb did everything he could to get them back, including applying for custody himself. Abi, clean and trying to better herself, allowed the twins to be adopted instead, causing a rift between her and Seb.

Across his years in the street, Seb discovered he was HIV positive, saved Alina Pop from a human trafficking ring, and found new happiness with goth girlfriend Nina Lucas. In 2021, the couple were the victims of an unprovoked attack by a gang led by Corey Brent. Seb died from his injuries the next day.


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Seb was born to Abi Franklin and Tez Wyatt on 6th March 2001, although his father didn't stick around and Abi was forced to raise Seb alone. An alcoholic and drug user, she was often unable to give Seb the care he required. Many years later, Abi became pregnant to a man called Darren and gave birth to twins Charlie and Lexi Franklin. After the children were born, Abi relied on Seb to look after them. At some point, she became aware that Seb may have contracted HIV from his ex-girlfriend Lacey who was killed in an accident, but chose not to tell him.

2016: Seb begins dating Faye Windass

One night during October 2016, Seb's girlfriend Faye Windass invited him round to 28 Grayling Street as she was babysitting Izzy Armstrong's son, Jake Windass. The couple had been kissing when Faye's mother Anna caught them together and ripped into Faye, fearful of having to go through another teenage pregnancy after Miley. However, Seb and Faye continued their relationship.

Anna's contempt of Seb was further fuelled when he was excluded from school and began working for Pat Phelan, and also when he encouraged Faye to get a tattoo to mark their relationship. This culminated in Seb assaulting Jackson Hodge, Miley's father, and Faye being banned from seeing him. As a result of the incident, Seb spent several months in Larchfield Young Offenders Institute. During this time, Faye was taken in secret to visit him by Phelan.

Upon his release, Seb was secured an apprenticeship with Phelan by his case worker Nicola Rubinstein. He and Faye continued seeing each other but were found out after a failed attempt to run away together. Seb also revealed that he was a victim of domestic violence after sporting a bruise which was caused by his stepdad, who later left Abi.

Anna began to warm to Seb after discovering his troubled home life and was appalled at the condition that Seb and his two younger siblings were living in. She interfered and tried to make things better for the family, but was only met with hostility from Abi. After being sacked by Phelan, Seb agreed to let Anna help him find another job. Abi was later found unconscious in her home and the twins were taken into care by Social Services. Seb accused Anna of calling Social Services and they had a heated argument.

Shortly afterwards, Anna found Seb unconscious after falling from his ladder while window cleaning. He was rushed to Weatherfield General, and while unconscious, Phelan whispered to him that Anna wanted him dead. After doctors revealed Seb's white blood cell count was low, Abi confided in Anna that Seb may be HIV positive. Both Seb and Faye then took a HIV test. Faye was negative, but Seb was HIV positive. Soon afterwards, Anna was arrested for GBH after Phelan planted her earring at the site of Seb's ladder fall.

In 2019, Seb fell in love with Alina Pop, and later found out she was a victim of human trafficking. Seb promised to help her get out of the situation. Seb called the police, and they went into the nail bar and arrested the human traffickers.


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Background information

Seb's exit storyline came in the form of a hard-hitting hate crime storyline inspired by the real-life case of Sophie Lancaster, a 20-year-old Goth woman who was murdered in 2007. In Coronation Street, Seb and his girlfriend Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher), also a Goth, were brutally attacked by a gang led by Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), with Seb later dying from his injuries in hospital. Sophie's mother Sylvia said: "Coronation Street covering this issue means such a huge amount to me." Producer Iain MacLeod said "This incredibly hard-hitting storyline, which centres on a senseless act of violence, will draw in characters from all corners of our narrative universe and will, we hope, leave the audience with a clear message." [1]

When the scenes of Seb and Nina's attack were originally aired (in Episode 10317, broadcast on 5th May 2021) their attackers' identities were left unclarified via precise camerawork, although four characters including Corey and Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) were seen following and harassing the couple immediately before. The following August, the events of that episode were revisited via a series of flashback scenes in Episodes 10416 and 10417, in which Harry Visinoni reprised his role. These two episodes "filled in the blanks" of Seb and Nina's attack and the aftermath, revealing that Corey was the main aggressor on Seb while Kelly attempted to stop him.

In the following episode, the 999 call Seb made as he lay dying was played to the court at his murder trial. This was Visinoni's final contribution to the series.

First and last lines

"Alright?" (First line to Faye Windass)


"It's gonna be OK. It's gonna be OK. You're alright, you, Nina Lucas. You're alright. I love you." (Final line to a badly injured Nina, shortly before falling unconscious himself)


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List of addresses

Address Duration
11 Coronation Street 18th April 2018 to 7th February 2020
2a Coronation Street 7th February 2020 to January 2021
13 Coronation Street January 2021 to February 2021
2a Coronation Street February 2021 to April 2021
16a Victoria Street April 2021 to 7th May 2021

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Labourer Gary Windass Construction 18th April 2018 to 7th March 2019
Handyman Self employed 19th April 2019 to 7th May 2021

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