Se7enth Hea7en was a lap dancing club by Terry Duckworth in Viaduct Street, which was never finished. It was going to open next to the now known Viaduct Bistro.

History Edit

In April 2012, Owen Armstrong took on the building work. Once the residents discovered it was a lap dancing club, they weren't happy. Emily Bishop and Norris Cole suggested a petition but Kirsty Soames suggested something else. They held a sit-in protest against the bar, with Emily and Tyrone Dobbs staying there over night. Anna Windass, Roy Cropper and Mary Taylor joined the protest and Mary lead a sing-song. The protest is ended when the police demanded them to leave. This left the work behind so Tommy Duckworth was taken on as a labourer.

Kirsty believed that Terry was corrupt and she and Tyrone tried to prove it. Tyrone discovered that Councillor Peake was partial to bribes so he and Kirsty went to the Town Hall to find evidence, only to be interrupted by Peake and Terry. They found that Terry gave Peake a car in return for permission, leading to Peake being arrested and Kirsty being suspended.

Terry decided that he would turn Se7enth Hea7en into a club instead. However he was in deep money troubles so, along with Tommy, decided to burn the place down for the insurance money, much to Tina McIntyre's distress. Tina got there before Tommy started the fire and started to phone the police so Terry pushed Tina to the ground. Tommy returned and Terry lied, telling him he found Tina and was off to find him. However when Tina woke a few days later, she revealed that Terry had pushed her, shocking Tommy. Terry left the day after, leaving the club unused.

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