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Scottish Television (or STV) first went on the air on 31st August, 1957 covering the central Scotland area (including Glasgow and Edinburgh) and still broadcasts to this day. Originally owned by the Canadian Lord Thomson in partnership with Howard & Wyndham Ltd it was the first ITV station to broadcast across its region on all seven days of the week. It has carried Coronation Street from its very first episode in 1960 and, after beginning colour transmissions on 13th December 1969, started broadcasts of the programme in that medium from Episode 936 onwards. Affected by the ITV Colour Strike from 1970 to 1971, Scottish Television was also off-air longer than the other ITV stations during the 1975 strike and consequently Episodes 1497 to 1500 were broadcast on different dates to the rest of the country by that station until viewers in the region had caught up (see individual episode entries for details).

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