Scotch Tommy was a shopfitter employed by Phil Jennings. Tall in stature, Tommy was described by Phil as a pussycat though this was somewhat at odds with his threatening manner and fists seen to knock a man to the floor with one punch.

Late one night in February 1991, Tommy and his team arrived in Weatherfield to commence work on Phil's arcade repair and storage facility, PJ Leisure, in Coronation Street the following morning. After pulling up in the van, Tommy left a message that they'd arrived with Phil's landlord Alec Gilroy at the Rovers Return. The encounter terrified Alec, as the towering Scot spoke with a menacing tone and didn't say why he was after Phil, only that "the lads" would be ready for him across the road. Worried that Tommy could be a hitman, Alec denied any knowledge of Phil's whereabouts and warned him that he had two dogs on the premises, but nevertheless agreed to pass on the message on the off-chance that he saw Phil. Tommy and his workforce started work on the facility the next day, as planned.

Five months later, Tommy interrupted an argument at PJ Promotions between Phil and Don Brennan. Don had won £450 from Phil in a card game but Phil was refusing to pay up. Don panicked at the sight of Tommy, particularly when Phil ordered him to teach him some manners as he escorted him off the premises. However, Tommy turned and thumped Phil instead; Phil owed him money too. Tommy then allowed Don to leave without a smack but warned him to keep his mouth buttoned before punching Phil another time for good measure.

Clive Russell played Scotch Tommy, fourteen years before he joined the main cast of Coronation Street as reflexologist Phil Nail.

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