Doctor Sasha Browne was a medical consultant at the Ladybird Children's Hospital who dealt with Hope Stape when she diagnosed with cancer in the autumn of 2015. The first meeting she had with parents Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs was to give them the results of Hope's scan, which were that she had a form of cancer called neuroblastoma but that more tests were required to determine the stage that it had reached and therefore the treatment required. She warned them that they would have to spend a lot of time at the hospital and that they were in for a long, hard journey but it was better to know the truth now.

The next session of scans showed that the cancer was an intermediate neuroblastoma, a stage which was better than they feared and, further, that other tests had shown that it hadn't spread from her abdomen. This meant that she had a very good chance of responding to treatment, starting with chemotherapy, and they had an 80% chance that she would be fully cured.

Fiz and Tyrone met with the consultant again at the end of December after Hope had undergone her chemotherapy sessions. The subsequent scan showed that the tumour had shrunk and was now operable. Doctor Browne confirmed that this procedure would be scheduled for around three weeks' time.

Hope's operation was carried out early in the New Year, and the consultant was on hand to deliver the news that the procedure was a success, and that the results would be available in about a week. Tyrone and Fiz returned to the hospital at the end of January 2016 once the histology report became available. The consultant confirmed that the cancer cells were dead and that the tumour had been removed - the operation had been successful, and although Hope would need another scan in a few weeks' time to be completely certain, Doctor Browne was pretty confident that the child was now in remission.

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