Sandra Butler was Elsie Tanner's niece, who briefly lodged with Elsie in Coronation Street from late 1969 to early 1970. Her brother was Bernard Butler.


Sandra turned up from Saddleworth at their aunt Elsie Tanner's door on 17th November 1969, looking for lodgings after her mother was taken into hospital. Her protective brother Bernard followed soon after to look after her. Elsie let them both lodge with her for the time being. Bubbly and friendly, Sandra got on well with Bernard, often referring to him affectionately as "Nard".

Sandra was interested in hairdressing and asked Alan Howard for a job at his new salon, but Alan was put off by her inexperience. When he offered Elsie the position of manageress, she accepted on the condition that Sandra and Bernard were both given jobs there. As she met Elsie's neighbours and friends, Sandra became acquainted with builder Ray Langton, who was in the process of recovering from an accident which had paralysed him from the waist down. Sandra looked after him and after they had dated for a while she proposed marriage. Ray accepted but suggested they hold off the wedding until he had fully recovered.

The following year, Ray's secretary Audrey Fleming tried to come between Ray and Sandra. Ray had fought an attraction to Audrey in the past as she was married, but Audrey was bored with her marriage and tried to see Sandra off by telling her that Ray was only with her because he was in a wheelchair. Sandra was upset by the actions of Audrey and Lucille Hewitt, who also wanted Ray for herself, but had faith in Ray not to play around. Ray fully recovered the use of his legs and set a wedding date of 23rd May 1970, but the wedding was cancelled when Audrey's jilted husband Dickie told Sandra that Ray had been seen kissing Audrey, and Sandra finished with Ray.

Sandra continued to live at No.11 after Elsie married Alan, but Elsie politely told Sandra that her stay in the house wouldn't be long-term and that she should find somewhere else to live soon. Tired of Alan making her feel unwelcome, and of Elsie nagging her about her nights out, Sandra accepted an invitation from Frank Bradley to go to London with him and Judd Johnson. Elsie tried to stop her but, her mind made up, Sandra left immediately for the capital.

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Sandra was written out of the series, along with her brother Bernard, when new Producer June Howson took over the programme in 1970.

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"Mornin' Elsie. Any breakfast going?" (First line)


"Elsie, I'm going to London and you can't stop me." (Final line)

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