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Samuel James appeared in Coronation Street in January 2020 as Mr Pack, the prosecution barrister at the trial of Josh Tucker on two charges of rape.

He also appeared in Battle of Britain, Rose and Maloney, Poirot, The Bill, The Shadow Line, Casualty, New Worlds, EastEnders, Birds of a Feather (in the regular role of Garth Stubbs), Doctors and Boys.

Film roles include The Point, The Abaddon File, The Man on Her Mind and Hindsight.

Stage roles include The Full Monty, Ragtime, The Wizard of Oz, Women Beware Women, Twelfth Night, Stockholm, Grand Guignol, Decades, Abigail's Party, Monster Raving Loony, Women Beware Women, Peggy Sue Got Married and Fault Lines.

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