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Sam Blakeman is the son of Nick Tilsley and Natasha Blakeman.

Natasha discovered that she was pregnant after having left Weatherfield in September 2010, with Sam's birth occurring in the following year.

Natasha attended Weatherfield General in September 2020 as Sam had been injured. In the hospital grounds, she was surprised to bump into her former partner Nick, along with Steve McDonald - with whom she had also been on one date with. She made the excuse of being at the hospital for a dermatologist appointment and their meeting was brief, however Nick later overheard Natasha telling the doctor who had treated Sam for a sprain, that she'd had one or two reminders of her son's father already that day and Nick pieced together the fact that Sam was his biological son.

Having searched social media sites and discovered that Natasha hadn't had any relationships since their break up, Nick phoned her in an attempt to get the truth, but she hung up when he asked her outright if he was Sam's father. Nick was taken aback when Natasha made an impromptu visit to his flat where she initially denied his paternity. Nick saw through her lies however, and Natasha made it clear that he had to dedicate himself if he wanted to be a part of Sam's life.

Sam was kidnapped by a thug working for Harvey Gaskell in May 2021 and locked in the back of a van. He was eventually released, but the abduction was a warning to Nick to force his girlfriend Leanne Battersby and her son Simon Barlow to change their testimony against Harvey's illicit dealings. Sam later got revenge on his kidnapper a couple of weeks later when he knocked the man out in the street and prevented him from shooting Gary Windass dead.

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