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Sally Hart (née Todd) was the daughter of Jack Todd and Vi Todd, sister of Dot Greenhalgh and Jim Todd.

Sally was a bright young woman who rarely held her tongue and saw Weatherfield as somewhere to escape. She worked at the Rovers Return Inn under the disapproving eye of Annie Walker. Her biggest pleasure was in movies and movie magazines - she adored Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, and was devastated by Carole's death in 1942.

Sally wanted to experience all she could while she could, which sometimes led to situations such as sleeping with Dot's French boyfriend behind Dot's back, causing a brawl between the sisters when Dot learned the truth.

As the war continued on, American soldiers began to frequent Weatherfield, and Sally fell in love with Oliver Hart, a handsome young farmer from Kansas. They married in 1943; before the ceremony, Sally confessed to her mother that she was pregnant, but insisted she was marrying out of love.

Sally went into labour on her mother Vi's kitchen floor, a difficult delivery, but resulting in the birth of healthy Clark, named after Sally's movie idol.

Sally grieved the loss of her mother in 1944, and planned to move to Kansas with husband and baby after the war was over.

The information on this page comes from Daran Little's "Coronation Street at War", set from 1939 to 1945.