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Saira Habeeb was the widow of Hassan Habeeb and mother to Imran and Rana Habeeb.

In November 2016, Saira and her husband were invited to celebrate their daughter's engagement to Zeedan Nazir. However, the engagement party ended suddenly when Zeedan's grandmother Yasmeen exposed her cheating husband Sharif's seven-year affair with her best friend Sonia Rahman.

In light of his grandfather's betrayal, Zeedan began having doubts about his wedding to Rana. Even though Yasmeen had started pawning her valuables to pay for the wedding, and Saira and Hassan had already began to organise the event, Zeedan confessed his true feelings to Rana - to which she furiously replied that she never wanted to see him again.  

Saira and Hassan were not happy about the cancellation of the wedding and blamed Rana. Later, when it was revealed that Zeedan did actually love Rana, the Habeebs, Yasmeen and Leanne Battersby all helped to organise the wedding. Zeedan and Rana were married later that day and the Habeebs congratulated their daughter. Rana believed it to be the first compliment she'd ever received from her mother.

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