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Ruth Walsh was a convict and an inmate of Fiz Stape at Norcross Prison in 2011.

Ruth met Fiz when the latter was made to clean at the mother and baby unit, where Ruth was being accommodated. The pair immediately bonded over their shared motherhood and Ruth told Fiz that her baby daughter had been born six weeks premature. Fiz revealed that her baby Hope was twelve weeks premature.

Tension between the pair arose when Fiz discovered that Ruth was using her baby to smuggle drugs. Fiz initially told her that she would keep quiet if Ruth promised to stop but she continued to supply drugs in the prison to Ginny Portis. Fiz was unable to get a place herself in the mother and baby unit and decided to tell the prison Governor about the drugs so she could take Ruth's place after Ginny almost died. Ruth was evicted from her cell and realising what she had done, beat a restrained Fiz.

Ruth and her fellow inmates continued to harass Fiz by wrecking her cell and attempting to harm Hope. When Tyrone Dobbs visited her, Fiz explained to him about her problems in prison with Ruth. He decided to follow Ruth's boyfriend Leon Southam, who was the main supplier of the drugs and was visiting at the same time. Tyrone and his friends managed to catch him and through a complex chain of events Leon ended up in jail for breaching his parole. After hearing this Fiz finally stood up to Ruth and told her about Leon's arrest and also to stay away from her and Hope.

Ruth was portrayed by Rebecca Callard, the real-life daughter of Beverley Callard who played Liz McDonald.

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