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Ruby Dobbs (née Soames) is the daughter of Tyrone Dobbs and the late Kirsty Soames, born in 2012. Following abuse from Kirsty, who was sent to prison and later moved abroad, Tyrone was given full custody of Ruby. He and Fiz Stape moved in together, with Ruby coming to know Fiz as her mother and Fiz's daughter Hope as her sister.

In 2021, when Tyrone left Fiz for Alina Pop, Ruby stayed with Fiz and remains in residence at 9 Coronation Street.


2012-2013: Weapon against her father

Ruby Soames was born to Kirsty Soames and Tyrone Dobbs on 9th September 2012. Kirsty had gone into labour when she was attacked by Tina McIntyre at the Rovers Return Inn, leading to the birth taking place in the pub's back room. Tyrone had often been the victim of domestic abuse from Kirsty but was convinced that Ruby's arrival would change everything for the better. In reality, Kirsty's physical and verbal abuse towards Tyrone continued and she left his name off Ruby's birth certificate, preventing him from holding any legal rights over her. Tyrone started a secret affair with Fiz Stape, who helped him cope with the situation and persuaded him to marry Kirsty so that he would have legal guardianship over Ruby. However, Kirsty learned of the affair after finding messages on Tyrone's burner phone, and on the day of the wedding in January 2013, announced what she had learned to all the guests and swore that Tyrone would never see Ruby again.

During an altercation with Tyrone, Kirsty fell down the stairs and used the incident to claim Tyrone was abusing her. Tyrone and Fiz ran away with Ruby and Fiz's two-year-old daughter Hope, but were ultimately tracked down by police, with Tyrone ending up in court over his alleged abuse towards Kirsty. Kirsty struggled to look after Ruby which led to her screaming at her crying daughter. During Tyrone's trial in March 2013, Kirsty rushed in to the courtroom and handed Ruby to him, knowing that she couldn't be trusted not to abuse her like she had Tyrone and confessed the truth to the court. Ultimately, Tyrone was released and Kirsty was sent to prison for perjury, promising to stay out of Ruby's life to ensure her daughter would be safe from her. Tyrone was granted full custody of Ruby and was able to form a family unit with Fiz and Hope, while also changing Ruby's surname to Dobbs.

2013-2020: The Dobbs/Stape family unit

In December 2017, Ruby appeared to be displaying behavioural problems starting when she pushed Hope leading to a broken arm and a lighter was found in her box after the family trampoline had been set on fire. Several incidents followed, including one where Ruby and Hope locked themselves in a room with an electric saw turned on, with the key found in Ruby's pocket. Eventually, Fiz learned that it was actually Hope who was misbehaving and had been pinning the blame on Ruby but didn't admit the truth to Tyrone until he furiously hit Ruby. Tyrone was immediately mortified after doing so, as it reminded him of when Kirsty used to abuse him.

In December 2018, Hope and Fiz moved to a specialist unit in Birmingham to deal with Hope's bad behaviour, with Ruby and Tyrone staying back home along with Tyrone's formerly long lost grandmother Evelyn Plummer who had recently moved in with them. Fiz and Hope returned in August 2019 and, to the jealousy of Ruby, instead of going to school Hope was tutored at home by Fiz and her Birmingham support teacher Jade Rowan who was later revealed to be Hope's half-sister by their father. Jade gave Hope and Ruby a lot of attention but was secretly building up false evidence that they were being abused by Fiz. An investigation by social services took place and the girls had to be removed from their parents' care in January 2020, although they soon returned home when Fiz agreed to temporarily move out. Ruby divulged that bruises photographed on Hope's arm were actually make-up, which led to all the evidence against Fiz being discredited and the investigation being dropped. Jade continued to see Hope and Ruby after she redeemed herself, but would primarily ignore Ruby in favour of Hope due to their relation. Jade was sent away in March after she made a pass at Tyrone.

2020-present: Family breakup

In 2021, Tyrone fell for Alina Pop, ending his relationship with Fiz; the two subsequently moved into the flat at 2a Coronation Street together, however Ruby and Hope stayed at No.9 with Fiz. In June, Tyrone received the news that Kirsty had died of an aneurysm. Despite recent events he turned to a sympathetic Fiz for advice, and the two broke the news to a puzzled but unemotional Ruby.

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Background information

Ruby has been played by Macy Alabi since her birth in September 2012, with Grace Hanrahan also appearing in the role from September 2012 to February 2013.

Ruby was absent between March 2020 and April 2021, save for a solitary appearance in May 2020, due to restrictions imposed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


List of addresses

Address Duration
9 Coronation Street 9th September 2012 to 4th April 2022
6 Copson Avenue 4th April 2022 to 13th June 2022
9 Coronation Street 13th June 2022 to present

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