Rosemary Piper was a clairvoyant who visited Audrey's salon in March 2018.

Rosemary asked Audrey if she was available for a quick wash and trim. Audrey told Rosemary that she would be busy with another customer but that Maria Connor could fit her in. Rosemary politely declined, saying that Audrey had been recommended by a former customer called Mrs Abercrombie.

Rosemary's recommendation shocked Maria and Audrey as Mrs Abercrombie had died six years ago after an unfortunate easter egg accident. Rosemary revealed that she was a clairvoyant and that Mrs Abercrombie often butted in to talk about her feet while people were trying to contact their loved ones.

Rosemary returned later that day for her haircut. She told Audrey that several people who were in contact her were fond of the salon, particularly a big man wearing a trilby hat called Alf. When Audrey asked if she could say anything more, Rosemary said that he was wearing a red cloak with a big gold chain. Bethany Platt pointed out that he was the mayor but Maria dismissed Rosemary's visions, telling her that it was written in big gold letters at Weatherfield Town Hall.

When Rosemary mentioned an eternity ring that Alf had chosen with help from Bet Lynch, Audrey decided that she believed Rosemary and asked if she could book to see her. Audrey's daughter Gail Rodwell dismissed Rosemary's ability and said it wouldn't take long to find out that she was married to Alf. When Audrey argued that Rosemary knew about Mrs Abercrombie, Maria agreed with Gail and said that Mrs Abercrombie's egg incident ended up in the Weatherfield Gazette. Gail told Audrey that she should steer well clear of Rosemary and told her she was a fool for booking an appointment.

Rosemary arrived at the salon to see if she was able to make contact with Alf again. She admitted that she preferred to work in domestic environments but Audrey assured her that they wouldn't be disturbed. Rosemary brought up how Alf died on New Year's Day surrounded by his family and said that he felt lucky to have been married to Audrey. Rosemary told Audrey that she had messages for Gail from her late-husband Brian Tilsley and his mother Ivy. Audrey asked if Rosemary could pass the messages onto her, but she was told that only Gail could hear them.

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