Ronnie Clegg was the partner of Janice Lee with whom he had a daughter, Toyah in 1982 when they were both still teenagers. According to Janice, Ronnie was a useless father and at some point in their relationship spent time in prison. Ronnie and Janice split up in 1984 when Toyah was two and Janice kicked Ronnie out. Although they wouldn't see each other face to face again for another 14 years, Ronnie did write to Janice whenever he changed address, despite having no contact with his daughter. Janice began a relationship with Les Battersby who she subsequently married while Ronnie moved to London, living in Leytonstone and later Walthamstow and got married to a woman named Paula.

Ronnie and Janice met again in September 1998 after Toyah ran away from home and told her stepsister Leanne that she was going to London to find her biological father, following a disagreement with Les and Janice over her private tuition by Ken Barlow. Ronnie was astonished when Janice and Les turned up on his doorstep and began asking questions about Toyah and was keen for them to leave before they met Paula, who discovered that Ronnie had a daughter she knew nothing about. Paula recommended a local B&B to Les and Janice and the couples met up again the next day. Ronnie was still clearly uncomfortable with them being there and raking up the past but had taken the day of work to wait in case Toyah did turn up at the house, which appeared to be a sore point between him and Paula.

During the course of the conversation, Janice came to the realisation that Toyah had likely gone to Ronnie's previous address at Thorns Road in Leytonstone, where she had in fact met Neil Flynn, who had shared a cell with Ronnie in prison, and was under the illusion that he was Ronnie. When Janice and Les later turned up at Thorns Road, a hidden Toyah overheard them and realised that Neil had being lying to her about his identity.

Ronnie has not been in contact with Toyah or Janice since and has remained absent from his daughter's life.

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