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Ronnie Bailey is the brother of Ed Bailey.

In February 2021, Ronnie turned up on Coronation Street under the pretence of simply visiting his family. Shortly before his arrival, Ed warned his son James that his uncle would assume he's a player off the pitch as well. While having a drink at the Rovers Return Inn, James wasted no time informing Ronnie that he was gay and his uncle immediately accepted him. However, Aggie Bailey was wary of her brother-in-law's arrival because she believed he always led his brother astray.

When Ronnie suggested that he and Ed visit a casino, he was shocked to learn about his brother's gambling addiction. During a heart-to-heart, Ed confessed that his addiction became so bad that he had lost their house, and his eldest son Michael took the blame as the family were forced to downsize. After his brother's confession, Ronnie realised that he had been unfairly judging Aggie as a killjoy for years and agreed to put their tensions aside.

In the following weeks, Ronnie found himself a local job and moved into the Rovers. He began to have an active role in the preparations for the birth of Michael and Grace Vickers' child, but Ed began to feel that Ronnie was treading on his toes as he was unable to compete with his brother's bank account. In an attempt to outmatch his brother, Ed offered to pay for the gender reveal party that Michael and Grace were planning.

While Ronnie was supposed to be picking Grace up from Freshco's, he was accosted by his estranged wife Kat who was unhappy that he had been avoiding her attempts to contact him. Stubbornly refusing to accept their marriage being over, Kat suggested that she attend the family party later that day. Ronnie then reluctantly informed Kat of his real reasons for being in Weatherfield - he and Aggie had been together before she married Ed and he believed Michael could potentially be his son. However, a DNA test revealed this wasn't the case.

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