Ron Mather was an Irishman who had worked on the markets and tried emigrating to Canada before becoming a self-employed taxi driver in Weatherfield. One of his fares in August 1978 was Elsie Tanner, and they became very friendly. Ron was a championship ballroom dancer, and also liked a flutter on the horses.

Tiring of life as a taxi driver, Ron looked around and in February 1979 found a job as a chauffeur in Torquay. Ron persuaded Elsie to apply for the vacant housekeeper's job, which she got. However, at the last minute she got cold feet, and even the sight of Ron pulling up in a Rolls Royce couldn't tear Elsie away from her Weatherfield roots.

In November 1979, Ron unexpectedly turned up again, and this time persuaded Elsie to take up the still-vacant housekeeper's job. He agreed to give away Gail Potter - until his employer said he was needed that weekend. So Elsie left for Torquay with Ron, planning to return for Gail and Brian Tilsley's wedding but she was ill and didn't attend either.

Elsie left the housekeepers because their boss had been sexually harassing her, and returned to Weatherfield on Christmas Eve 1979. Ron begged her to go back to Torquay with him, but he had turned a blind eye to the behaviour of his boss in order to keep his job. Elsie ended their relationship and told him to leave.

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