Roger Wain, the son of a bookshop owner, took the juvenile male lead in a grammar school production of The Way of the World. Playing opposite him was Lucille Hewitt who developed a crush on him.

Annie Walker grew curious about Roger when he telephoned the Rovers Return asking for Lucille. When Jack reported that he'd rang about a concert, Annie naturally assumed that he must be a mod rocker and invited him to tea in order to assess him.

Before Roger's arrival, Jack was issued orders to tell the boy that he wasn't to see Lucille again. Annie was taken aback when the well-spoken, well-dressed, and very much middle-class Roger showed up for dinner. Changing her tune, Annie began encouraging his relationship with Lucille and even suggested to Jack that they should meet his parents. Minor embarrassment was caused when the Walkers served Roger with roast pork despite him being a vegetarian, resulting in him only having cheese and lettuce to eat. Attempting to impress Roger, Annie bigged up her knowledge of the theatre, but found herself out of her depth when Roger asked her what she thought of the work of 18th-century playwright William Congreve, author of Way of the World.

Although the Walkers were all in favour of Roger, the lad hadn't told his parents that he'd gone to the Rovers as they would disapprove of him being on licenced premises. The class difference continued to be a barrier between Roger and Lucille, though he did spur her on to temporarily become a vegetarian herself and join his scheme looking after elderly and housebound people in the neighbourhood. Upon hearing about the initiative, Annie directed Roger to the "ladies lounge" (ie. the snug) next door where he would find some deserving cases.

Three months later, in June 1965, Lucille brought Roger along to Sandra Petty's 19th birthday party at the Corner Shop flat. Strugging to think of something to do, the party-goers took up Roger's suggestion that they all take a turn entertaining each other, with Roger intending to recite a poem.

Frazer Hines only appeared opposite Jennifer Moss (Lucille Hewitt) in the last of his three appearances due to an absence by Moss in March 1965.

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