Roger Stiles was Janice Battersby's boyfriend between 2007 and 2008.


Roger was a plumber who went round to fix Janice Battersby's heating in January 2007 when her boiler broke down. After a couple of "dates" in the Rovers Return Inn he invited Janice to go to France with him for three months as he had work there, and she accepted. Janice returned alone in March and he returned two months later. On his return he invested £10,000 in Leanne Battersby's restaurant, which Leanne at first struggled to pay back but eventually did so. Janice and Roger began living together because Roger was struggling to pay his rent due to his loan to Leanne. He saved the Barlows' kitchen roof in May 2008 and then struck up a friendship with Ken. In August, he, Janice, Bill Webster and Audrey Roberts all embarked on a booze cruise to France together, which ended in a minor car accident and whiplash for Roger.

In October 2008, Roger found out about Janice's lottery scam after she was arrested by the police. Angry and ashamed that she had done such a thing, he packed up his van and left her.

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"Mrs Battersby? Roger Stiles, plumber." (First line)


"Done it to yourself, Janice." (Final line)

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