Rod Fielding was Ken Barlow's accountant in 1990.

In a meeting with his client, Rod advised Ken to pay a tax bill which was due on 1st January or be charged interest, and warned him that paying off the mortgage on 1 Coronation Street, as per Deirdre's demands, would meaning losing his relief there. Keen to avoid another argument with Deirdre over their separation, Ken was going along with her request and was confident about being able to increase his bank loan on the Weatherfield Recorder having secured an advertising deal with the council.

Rod offered a more pessimistic view, pointing out that the Gazette free sheet could afford to run at a loss and was certain to see off the Recorder eventually. Upon learning that Ken had turned down an offer from Gazette editor Ted Lucas to buy the Recorder out, Rod bluntly told him - noting that he was also speaking as a friend - that he'd be a fool not to sell now, while the paper was worth something. Having previously resisted the idea of selling up, Ken was persuaded to accept Lucas's offer, and he and his partner Wendy Crozier went to work for the Gazette.

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