Rob was a customer in Roy's Rolls who complained to Becky Granger that the meal he'd been served was cold. The pair shared a bit of harmless banter and Becky reheated Rob's meal. He caught up with Becky outside the Rovers later that evening and gave her a generous tip. On Rob's next visit to the café, Becky asked him if he'd like to go out for a drink and the pair arranged to meet at the Rovers when she had finished work.

The next morning, Becky turned up late at the cafe and after apologising to Roy Cropper, she stated that although she'd had a good time, Rob was merely a one-night stand. However, when Becky received a text message from Rob asking to take her out again she was over the moon. As he was heading to the Rovers for their date, he was stopped by Kelly Crabtree, who, having been in the pub the previous night and saw the couple were together, was quick to inform him that Becky had a criminal record and had served time in prison. Rob was keen to get Becky's side of the story but she became hostile and told him that she'd only agreed to meet up again to dump him. Rob told her that his intention was merely to get to know her better, but after Becky's outburst, Rob walked away.

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