Richard Hammett

Richard Hammatt coordinating the fight between William and James Roache in Episode 7650 (21st July 2011)

Richard Hammatt has coordinated or provided the stunts on 140 episodes of Coronation Street from April 1997 to June 2013 and again from April 2018. His most notable work was during the "Tram Crash week" in December 2010 to mark the programme's fiftieth anniversary. He also planned the stunts for the 2010 DVD spin-off Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale.

He began his career as a helicopter engineer and his first contact with showbusiness was providing a van to be used in It Ain't Half Hot Mum, making his debut with stuntwork on the 1979 film Hanover Street.

Outside of Coronation Street, Richard has worked on most major film franchises including Star Wars, Superman, James Bond, Batman and Harry Potter. His other work for television includes Dempsey and Makepeace, Boon, Agatha Christie: Poirot , The Bill, Taggart , Cold Feet, Monarch of the Glen, Waking the Dead, Doctor Who, Silent Witness, Trial & Retribution, Midsomer Murders and Shameless.

Episodes with stuntwork arranged by Richard Hammatt


1997 (2 episodes)


2002 (1 episode)

2003 (2 episodes)

2005 (1 episode)

2006 (6 episodes)

2007 (2 episodes)

2008 (3 episodes)

2009 (13 episodes)


2010 (13 episodes)

2011 (32 episodes)

2012 (25 episodes)

2013 (15 episodes)

2018 (3 episodes)

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