Richard Everitt, extreme right at the programme's 20th birthday party in 1980 with, from left, Derek Granger, H.V. Kershaw, Stuart "Harry" Latham, Bill Podmore and Howard Baker.

Richard Everitt began his association with Coronation Street by acting as floor manager on Episode 1, before moving on to direct the programme in June 1961 and to produce it in 1965. In 1967 he scaled the next stage of his rapid promotion when he became the programme's executive producer, a post he filled for six months during which time he was responsible for the move of the wooden street set itself to Grape Street. In total he directed 47 episodes of the programme, all but one in the 1960s.

Other directing credits include The Odd Man (alongside Eric Price, Gerard Dynevor, and Derek Bennett, and written by other such Coronation Street alumni as Harry Driver, Jack Rosenthal, and H.V. Kershaw), Crown Court and Noddy.

As a producer Everitt worked on several television programmes including Jack Rosenthal's The Dustbinmen, The XYY man, its sequel Bulman, and latterly Lovejoy.

He was born in Cambridgeshire on the 28th July 1933 and died in Manchester on 1st September, 2004.

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1961 (12 episodes)

1962 (29 episodes)

1963 (3 episodes)

1964 (2 episodes)


1975 (1 episode)

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