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Rex Arundel (born 24th November 1901 in London, died 15th December 1991 in Manchester) appeared on Coronation Street in three different roles:

In 1966 he also appeared in The Switched-on Scene, an episode of the Street spin-off Pardon the Expression. In this role and his first Street role, he was credited under his other stage name of "Rex Deering".

His other credits include Shadow Squad, The Fellows, Mr. Rose, Big Breadwinner Hog, Nearest and Dearest, Country Matters, Shabby Tiger, Justice, Crown Court, The Mallens, Ladykillers and Lost Empires.

Film work included Cup Fever, Life at the Top and A Different Kind of Love .

A former cabaret artiste, he sang on BBC radio in the 1930s and was also a playwright with Over the Odds, And Sat Down Beside Her, Port in a Storm and Ring the Bell, Jack to his credit. In addition, he was a repertory stage director with several plays under his name in the 1960s and 1970s.

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