Reverend Sedgley

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Reverend Sedgley was the vicar of St. Saviour's Church in Weatherfield where Emily Bishop frequented as a parishioner.

It was at the church in December 2005 where Emily attended the final service officiated by the Reverend Ashbourne and at the same time, befriended a churchgoer by the name of Ed Jackson. Within a few weeks, Ed confessed to Emily that he was one of the two men who had staged the robbery on Baldwin's Casuals in January 1978 which ultimately led to her husband Ernest suffering fatal gunshot wounds. During the time inside Strangeways Jail, Ed found religion and had turned his life around following his release.

Reeling from the news and questioning her own faith, it was several weeks before she was eventually persuaded to return and Emily was accompanied to a Sunday service in March 2006 by niece Freda Burgess and Rita Sullivan, however while Reverend Sedgley was addressing the congregation, she noticed Ed sitting at the back of the church and overcome by emotion, hurriedly left. A few days later, Emily returned to St. Saviour's alone and spoke in length to the Reverend who tried to persuade her to find it in her heart to forgive Ed, stating that he wouldn't be attending the church any more and intimated that he was suicidal.

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