The Reverend Graham Broadbent of St. Christopher's Church officiated at the wedding of Peter Barlow and Shelley Unwin in July 2003. The happy couple had an appointment to see him one afternoon at 5.30pm but Peter forgot the appointment, claiming stress of work, and it had to be rescheduled. The real reason for his non-attendance was his visit to see his real wife, Lucy Barlow, who he had married four months before and who had just given birth to his son, Simon. This marriage had lasted just a couple of days before Lucy discovered that he had not dumped Shelley because of his impending nuptials and the law wouldn't allow a divorce for one year.

Therefore, when the Reverend visited the Rovers for a rescheduled appointment, Peter felt uncomfortable when he talked of the three 'C's: Caring, Communication and Commitment. He was also pointed in reminding Peter that he had not seen him in the congregation of the church and received a promise to be there the next Sunday. The completely-illegal service took place just under a fortnight later.

Just over three years later, the Reverend prepared to marry Shelley's mother, Bev Unwin, to butcher Fred Elliott. Like Peter before him, he too was in a quandary as he had had long-term feelings for Audrey Roberts who had attempted to stop the wedding preparations and when he found that she had cried off from attending the service, claiming to be unwell, he left the church and went to her house where he suffered a massive and sudden stroke and died. The vicar supported Fred's shocked son Ashley Peacock as he broke the news to the congregation

A few days later, he carried out Fred's funeral service where Ashley and Bev (who, in a raw and emotional state, attended wearing her wedding dress) made heartfelt speeches. In a typical "Elliott-ish" touch, the conveyor carrying the casket away stuck and had to be pushed along by undertaker Archie Shuttleworth and the Reverend.

Actor Gerry Hinks also played an unnamed Vicar who appeared in December 2004, April 2006 and January 2009. It is possible that they are one and the same character but no indication was given on-screen.

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