Renee Dodds was employed as the store detective at Bettabuy's Weatherfield branch.

In October 1989, Vera Duckworth got into trouble on her first day working at the supermarket by giving away Renee's identity in front of the customers. When Vera was sacked in December, Vera was convinced that Renee was behind the dismissal, unaware that assistant manager Curly Watts' staff assessments had been the deciding factor.

Curly was later shocked to discover Renee in a compromising position in the stockroom with store manager Reg Holdsworth, a married man. Curly used his discovery to blackmail Reg into keeping Vera on at Bettabuy.

By April 1990, Reg's wife Veronica had discovered his affair and thrown him out of the matrimonial home in Hillside Road, forcing Reg to sleep in the stockroom at the store. Reg had grown tired of Renee and instructed Curly to inform her that she was being transferred to the Bolton branch. Renee did not take the news well and warned Reg that she intended to set her husband Archie onto him. When Archie turned up at the store, he mistook Curly for Reg and threw him into a pile of toilet rolls.

Reg later wheedled his way back into the marital home and won Veronica's forgiveness.

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