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Reggie James was a Reverend who lived in Weatherfield. In 1968, he formed a close friendship with Emily Nugent and recruited her as his assistant at St. Mary's nursery. The pair later planned and produced a Christmas panto, Aladdin, for the children, with Reggie playing the part of Emperor Ming. Reggie and Emily liked each other but their relationship never progressed beyond a friendship.

In 1969, the Reverend tried to drum up custom and came up with a debating society, which Dickie Fleming agreed to lead. He was disappointed with the community's response to his ideas however and when the side chapel was ransacked, Emily paid the residents 10/- an hour to clean up the mess, hoping to cheer up the disheartened Reverend.

Reggie also comforted Ena Sharples when she was distraught over Minnie Caldwell's disappearance, and made Albert Tatlock feel bad for throwing Alice Pickins out on the Street.

In Episode 853 (24th February 1969), Emily refers to him as John rather than Reggie James.

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