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Reg Holdsworth was the manager of Bettabuys Store and always throught of himself as the Ladie's Man.


1989-1991: Reg the Ladie's Man

Reg was married to Veronica, however, she off-loaded him smartly after discovering his affair with a store detective. Rather than slink off wounded into the sunset, Reg began cutting a swath through the single women of Coronation Street, starting with Rita Fairclough. They attended a couple of tea dances together and stuck up a platonic friendship. But Reg wanted more than a two-step. To secure his friendship with Rita he doctored up a trolley race at the supermarket so that Rita would be the winner and, thus win her affections. He underestimated Rita's character and when she discovered the ruse, promptly showed him the door and donated the trolley race winnings to a local charity. Reg never gave up on a conquest even if there wasnt a hope. He could be found learing over his glasses in the Rovers, at any female under 60 that looked like they had a pulse.

1992-1995: Maureen Naylor

In 1992, Reg recognized his old girlfriend Maureen Naylor from days long gone, stacking shelves at his own store Bettabuys. They had first met in Llandudno in 1968 and fell in love. Now they found themselves besotted with each other again after 25 years and began a new relationship. Unfortunately there was one large problem: Maureen's mother, Maud Grimes. Maud disliked Reg right from the start and wished Maureen would find someone less pompous and self-aggrandized. Reg and Maud fought from dawn until dusk but neither wavered from their love for Maureen. Poor Maureen was stuck between her love for Reg and her duty to her mother. In one of his more memorable scenes Reg, desperate to consummate the relationship, finally lured Maureen to his waterbed, whereupon it burst and deposited its watery contents to the shop below mortifying Maureen.

Reg married Maureen Naylor in January 1994 and bought the Corner Shop from Alf Roberts for £68,000. Maureen managed the shop with her wheelchair-bound mother behind the till. The three lived in relative harmony - Reg as a member of the Square Dealers and Maureen as a staple in the community - until the relationship between the couple took a downward turn. Reg was posted to a Bettabuys in Lowestoft, which meant a long commute for the pair. There, true to his unfaithful nature, he found yet another woman Yvonne Bannister. Reg Holdsworth left the street and a heartbroken Maureen behind, to start a new life with Yvonne who was pregnant with his child.

1996-2010: Later Years and Tatlock Towers

Reg, along with old collegue Curly Watts, worked for Curly as an event planner at Tatlock Towers. He got sacked due to a debacle at the event, but was rehired again by Curly. He also fancied Mary Taylor, although nothing came of it.

Other Information

  • In December 2010, Mary Taylor recieved a Christmas Card from Reg.

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