Randolph Taylor was Kimberley Taylor's father, severely henpecked by his wife Brenda.

The Taylors were an old-fashioned, churchgoing couple and addressed each other as Mummy and Daddy in front of Kimberley. They gave their daughter a "proper" upbringing, teaching her to save herself until marriage. At the Taylor household, Randolph could usually be found smoking his pipe from his armchair or in his greenhouse which he proudly built himself.

When Kimberley introduced her parents to her boyfriend Curly Watts, Brenda treated him with suspicion as she was convinced he was trying to lure her "little girl" away from her. Despite sharing his wife's values, Randolph was far more amiable towards Curly and showed him his greenhouse. He was pleased for the couple when they got engaged and went along with Brenda to dinner at 9 Coronation Street when the Duckworths invited the Taylors to dinner, but the evening was a disaster as Jack and Vera rowed in front of their guests over Vera's holiday dalliance with Lester Fontayne.

Curly and Kimberley were planning a long engagement but Curly wasn't willing to wait until their wedding day for sex. Kimberley agreed to spend Christmas in a hotel with him, and told her parents they were visiting Curly's parents. Brenda found this to be a lie when she phoned Curly's parents to thank them for having them over Christmas, while Curly and Kimberley were having Christmas Eve dinner with the Taylors. Brenda told Curly that Kimberley would never stoop to what he had planned and threw him out. Randolph mostly stayed out of the row, speaking up only when Brenda made him.

Curly re-entered the Taylors' lives in August 1992 when he and Kimberley met up through the Cupid's Arrow Introduction Bureau and got engaged again. He was dismayed to discover time had healed no wounds and Brenda still disliked him. The wedding was delayed to April 1993 because of Randolph's hernia but it never went ahead as Kimberley broke the engagement in an argument with Curly over money.

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