Rachel Healy was the owner of multiple Weatherfield salons including Freddie Edwards, Nail Sparkle and Sparkle Lounge.

In March 2019, Rachel turned up at Nick Tilsley and David Platt's new barbers; Trim Up North on Victoria Street, and initially began flirting with Nick while pretending to be looking for a job - much to the annoyance of Nick's partner Leanne Battersby. However, soon Rachel revealed that her true intentions had been to learn what the pair were planning for their grand opening so that she could sabotage the event. Unbeknown to the brothers, the pair had already hired one of Rachel's moles - Andrea Abruzzi. Having learnt that the barbers would be offering a one-day only £10 offer, Rachel enlisted Andrea to alter the flyers - making the deal £1 instead. The change to the flyers ensured that the barbers were overrun with customers, who began to grow impatient with the time it was taking sole stylist David to get round to them all.

Another of Rachel's moles, Blake Deeley, used fake blood in order to claim that David had cut him while styling. A local news reporter Naila Badal quickly began taking pictures of Blake's "wound" - despite David's pleas for her to see that he had made the whole thing up. Despite originally keeping David in the dark about Rachel's threats to destroy their business, Nick later admitted the truth to him and the pair were able to save their event after getting help from Audrey Roberts and Maria Connor to get through all the customers. Naila, who had lost her news story due to Blake having posted about the "accident" online, decided to write a heart-warming story in the Weatherfield Gazette about a "family run" business instead.

In April, Rachel turned up at the Rovers looking for Jan Lozinski so that he could perform some emergency plumbing work on a broken down washing machine at Nail Sparkle. As Jan was away on another job, landlady Jenny Connor suggested that she hired Seb Franklin instead - to which Rachel agreed.

In August, Rachel was arrested along with the other human traffickers.

Duckworths 1983
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