Rachel was a journalist who knew Emma, a lady who was a cancer survivor and was part of a group at the clinic that Sally Metcalfe attended. Sally had been given another "all-clear" as part of her annual check after having had breast cancer in 2010 and mentioned to Jenny Bradley that it was difficult getting good mastectomy bras. Keen to make an impression on her boss (and fiance) at Underworld, Johnny Connor, Jenny designed and made a prototype of a garment that would have function while not forgoing style and Sally organised for Emma to visit the factory and inspect the item.

While Johnny was out visiting a difficult client, Rachel and Emma arrived with some other women who they had been sharing a coffee morning with and who had expressed enthusiasm in seeing the garment too. Trainee manager Alya Nazir tried to put a stop to the matter but was told firmly by Jenny to mind her own business. Alya then took a call from Johnny saying that he was on his way back with the awkward client, Richard Drake, but deliberately kept the news back from Jenny.

Rachel, Emma and the women praised the bra, specifying its elegance and manufacture and Jenny was enthused to hear that Rachel was willing to write up a piece on it for the Weatherfield Gazette. At that moment, Johnny, Drake and his formidable assistant Jemima Corey arrived at the factory and none were pleased to see what appeared to be the workforce stood around gossiping. Drake and Jemima made caustic comments about Underworld not being a tight ship but Jenny stood her ground and tried to sell the idea to Drake of it being a gap in the market that could be filled. Drake sneered that it was a niche which Emma countered with the statistic that nearly 20,000 mastectomies were carried out every year and Rachel also told him of the press interest. Drake suddenly saw pound signs before his eyes and asked to discuss the matter further with Johnny. Delighted, he asked Sally to continue to look after the ladies while he, Drake, Jemima and Jenny went into Johnny's office, Alya firmly being shut out of the proceedings.

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