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Luke "Quinny" Quinn was a British army trainee who made friends with Gary Windass while serving in the army.

Quinny first visited Weatherfield with Gary in February 2010, when Gary returned to see his family. While there, Quinny flirted with Rosie Webster and was surprised to learn that Gary had once slept with Rosie. On 22nd February, Quinny received a telephone call from his mother to inform him that his brother, also serving with the army, had been hit by a roadside bomb and lost his legs and right arm. The event made Quinny even more determined to do his country proud.

Quinny paid another visit to Weatherfield in September, shortly before he and Gary went on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Quinny and Gary promised each other that if either of them died in service the other would explain what had happened to the deceased's family. The pair were involved in a fight outside the Rovers Return Inn on 13th September, which resulted in Gary knocking a young man unconscious. However, they were never charged for the incident and later went off to Afghanistan.

On 15th November 2010, Quinny was killed in Helmand Province. In January 2011, Quinny's parents visited a traumatised and guilty Gary, who explained that a heroic Quinny was shot dead whilst rescuing him from an attacked army vehicle.

Quinny also appeared in the spin-off Gary's Army Diaries

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