The Prostitute was rowing with a man at the Brierley Gardens Estate when Don Brennan was waiting outside in his cab for Joe Egerton to show up. A week earlier, Joe and his friend had stolen Don's taxi and hit a cyclist before abandoning the vehicle, and Don was now suspected by the police of being involved in the hit-and-run. To clear his name, Don planned to confront Joe and force him to confess to the police.

After telling the man to take a running jump, the prostitute left the flat and approached Don's cab to ask for a cigarette and a lift to the Limehouse, though Don was unable to help with either as he didn't smoke and had clocked off for the night. The woman angrily took her leave of Don. Later that night, the prostitute encountered Don again at the police station, as the police had interrupted a fracas between Don and Joe at the estate after Don's taxi had been reported for kerb crawling. A PC asked the prostitute to identify Don and told her that she may be asked for a statement.

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