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The Prosecution Q.C. led the case for the Crown in Gail McIntyre's trial for the murder of her husband Joe. After his initial outlining, he introduced Tracy Barlow as his first witness and she told her lies about Gail's "confession" inside Redford Prison (Tracy's motive being an "understanding" with the police that she would be moved to an open prison and get better visiting rights with her daughter, Amy).

A second witness was a Home Office Pathologist and the third was Tina McIntyre. His cross-examination of Gail during the defence hearing concentrated on Gail's deceptions and lies after Joe died and he got her to admit that she caused the scratches on his face and arms when they fought on the jetty. He then discredited David Platt's character during his testimony by catching him out on some of his lies.

In his summing up he concentrated on what he say as the illogicality of Gail's actions immediately following Joe's death and said that the only possible explanation was that she murdered him "in a fit of desperate rage". Nevertheless, the jury seemed to place more reliance on defence barrister Mr Hughes's closing statement that although Joe's death was undisputed, there was not a shred of evidence that he had actually been murdered and she was found "not guilty".

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