Prison Officer (Tara Daniels)

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The Prison Officer worked at Norcross Prison when Sally Metcalfe was incarcerated there between September 2018 and January 2019, firstly on remand and then after her trial on a false charge of fraud, and while Yasmeen Metcalfe was held pending her trial in relation to the charge of attempted murder of her husband Geoff in June 2020.

Sally tried to come to terms with her new life before her trial in the November and chatted to yoga-practising Jodie Sheppard in the communal area until the officer interrupted her, telling Jodie she was a tripping hazard and to move, entering into an argument with Sally as a result.

Two months later, Duncan Radfield, the man who had set Sally up on her false charge, confessed and an application was put in to release Sally, pending her formal appeal. This time the officer was more friendly towards a desperate Sally as she told her that her release papers hadn't come through but promising to let her know as soon as word was received.

In June 2020, the officer was on duty in the visiting room when Yasmeen received a visit from her granddaughter Alya on the day of her plea hearing. The officer signalled time at the end of visiting, a session which Alya's candid words about Geoff's coercive actions began to resonate more clearly with Yasmeen.

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