Prison Officer (Max Smith)

Cobra Kai Season 4 - The Loop


The prison officer accompanied convict Terry Duckworth when he was released from Strangeways Jail in order to marry Lisa Horton at St. Mary's Church in May 1992. At the start of the service, Terry's mother Vera pleaded with the prison officer to remove Terry's handcuffs for the duration of the ceremony. After checking that all of the church entrances were guarded, the officer agreed.

Outside the church, while photographs were being taken, Terry seized his chance to escape and fled. The prison officer and his colleague gave chase but Terry outran them.

Terry was later apprehended on the roof of Bettabuy and returned to custody.

In February 1993, Lisa was hit by John Hargreaves' car and admitted to Weatherfield General. Terry was allowed out of prison to visit her bedside, and the prison officer once again accompanied him - this time remaining handcuffed to him at all times. Upon seeing Lisa's boyfriend Des Barnes, Terry went for him and had to be dragged off by the prison officer. Lisa subsequently died from her injuries.

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