The Prison Officer worked at Norcross Prison where Sally Metcalfe had been incarcerated in November 2018 on a false charge of fraud. There she had made the mistake of interfering when fellow prisoner and Street resident Abi Franklin had been tempted by drugs offered by hard-case Marcia, earning the latter's enmity.

When Abi was released, Marcia was put in with Sally, much to her horror, and matters became worse when Sally saw she was dealing in their cell and was duly threatened with keeping her mouth shut. Later in the day, a cell search was carried out by the officer though nothing was found. Sally swore to Marcia that she had hadn't reported her but wasn't believed. Marcia viciously attacked Sally in her cell and the officer intervened, taking Marcia to segregation and Sally to see a doctor.

He later returned Sally to her cell, though she was more in a state of shock that such treatment could be dished out to her, rather than her physical injuries. He brusquely told her to get over the matter and promised her that he would be keeping an eye on her once Marcia was released.

He failed to keep his word and Marcia was able to confront Sally with a knife. This time it was fellow prisoners, including sympathetic Jodie Sheppard, who came to Sally's aid with two snooker balls wrapped up in a sock applied to the back of the head. Jodie fetched the officer to report the assault as having taken place by an unknown perpetrator and although he told Sally that she would have to be questioned as being involved she was released from the prison within a few hours pending a formal appeal after Duncan Radfield, the real fraudster, confessed.

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