Prison Governor (2009 character)

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When Fiz Brown turned up at Highfield Prison in June 2009 after receiving a call stating that inmate John Stape had been placed on suicide watch, she was angry and frustrated that yet again she had been turned away and told by Prison Officer Lindworth that she couldn't enter the building without a visiting order.

After chaining herself to the prison railings in protest and gathering attention from a large crowd, Officer Lindworth had no option but to inform the Prison Governor of the unfolding events. Fearing unwanted media attention and observing the goings-on, he instructed Lindworth to have her removed and requested that Stape be brought to his office. Explaining to the prisoner that he had a visitor, and how she had refused to leave until she had seen him, the pair saw Fiz on the CCTV monitor holding a banner which read "John Stape Marry Me".

The Governor eventually agreed to see Fiz himself, explaining that although he didn't take kindly to blackmail and procedures were in place for a reason, Stape was being constantly monitored whilst feeling vulnerable. However, he accepted that she was frantic with worry, and agreed to speak to John on her behalf. The pair were finally allowed a brief meeting under supervision in the visiting room.

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