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Priscilla Millbanks was a young girl who delivered newspapers for The Kabin in 1988. Along with Wayne Pickles, Priscilla gave Rita Fairclough and Mavis Riley an ultimatum that newly appointed paper-pensioner Harry Ashton be sacked or they'd quit. Priscilla and Wayne thought the allowances made for Harry's age were unfair on them as Priscilla had been given a more difficult round so that Harry could have hers. Mavis called all parties to a meeting at Jim's Cafe where she got them to agree to stay in exchange for reinstating their old rounds and sharing Craig Atkinson's round between them while he was sick with a cold, but she made her feelings clear on their selfish, petty-mindedness.

Later that year, when Wayne beat up Jason Stubbs for stealing his round (when in fact Wayne had been sacked for not showing up for work five times in one month), Priscilla warned Mavis that Wayne was planning to go on giving Jason a hard time.

Priscilla had a sister, Cheryl, who was expecting a baby in 1988.

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