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Preston's Petals is a florists that has operated from 19 Rosamund Street since January 2016. Tracy Barlow rented the premises from adoptive half-brother Peter up until May 2017, when Ken Barlow gifted Tracy the money to buy the premises outright.


By late-2015, Tracy had grown tired of running her cash converters shop Barlow's Buys, after her business partner Tony Stewart took the money from the business and left Weatherfield. When her partner Robert Preston suggested that she should do something she loved instead, Tracy spoke about how she would like to become a florist again. Robert then bought her a variety of flowers, and persuaded Tracy to follow her dream.

The premises was re-opened in January 2016, although there wasn't much of a gathering due to Tracy's bad reputation. Tracy then unveiled the name of the shop as "Preston's Petals" in order to win back Robert, who had left her after discovering Tracy's plans on leaving him for her ex-fiancé Rob Donovan who was doing time for killing barmaid Tina McIntyre.

Tracy hired both Kirk and Beth Sutherland in 2017 following the temporary closure of Underworld. They both left however when the factory reopened.




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