Portsmouth is a port city and naval base on England’s south coast.

In December 1969, Douglas Pickins returned to Portsmouth to resume his naval duties.

In August 1990, Ken and Tracy Barlow attended Peter Barlow's wedding to Jessica Midgeley in Portsmouth. By 2000 Peter and Jessica had split and he had moved to Weatherfield, however years later in 2003 he returned to Portsmouth where he was regularly visited by Ken and Tracy. In April 2007, Peter invited nephew Adam Barlow to join him in Portsmouth in order to run his new Bookies. When his son Simon's mother passed away in October 2008, Peter returned to Weatherfield with his son but planned to abandon him with Ken and Deirdre so that he could return to his life in Portsmouth.

Throughout 2014, Tina McIntyre was led to believe that Peter wanted to run away to Portsmouth with her - however, he never intended to finish his relationship with Carla Connor. When Peter was accused of Tina's murder the prosecution questioned him about these plans and he was forced to admit that he had only arranged the plans as a stalling tactic. When Rob Donovan was revealed as Tina's murderer, Peter was set free and moved to Portsmouth once again - returning in July 2015 for Deirdre's funeral.

In April 2019, Roy Cropper visited Portsmouth for a period of time as part of his investigation into his mother's secret relationship with Raymond Parrott.

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