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Poppy Morales was a barmaid and later 'Assistant Manager' of the Rovers Return Inn from 2008 to 2009.


Poppy arrived at the Rovers Return Inn with friend Liz McDonald, whom she had met at a Brazilian Crunch exercise class. Poppy caught Liz's attention as she was a well-known barmaid. She was the 51st Rovers barmaid, and got offered the 'Assistant Manager' job which she accepted, following Michelle Connor hinting that she didn't want extra shifts. Poppy also offered to take on Betty Williams' shifts while she visited her son Gordon Clegg and his family in Wimbledon over the Christmas period. One day, a couple were kissing in the Rovers, and Poppy jokingly grabbed Lloyd Mullaney to show what a "real kiss" was like. She unknowingly annoyed Liz, who had feelings for Lloyd.

In March 2009, Poppy was disgusted when she witnessed Dev Alahan leave the Rovers with Lisa Dalton, as it was clear that they were going to sleep together. She was stunned when Dev came into the pub the following day with his girlfriend Tara Mandal, who was oblivious to his infidelity. In order not to see her friend get hurt, Poppy told Tara about Dev and Lisa's night of passion. Poppy was given the sack from the Rovers in June 2009, after she fired long-serving Betty Williams. Betty complained to Steve and he tried to get Poppy to reconsider. Poppy then verbally attacked Steve and his girlfriend Becky Granger, which led to Becky dragging her out of the Rovers by her hair.

First and last lines

"Very nice." (First line)


"Get off, let me go!" (Final line, to Becky Granger)

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