Pauline "Polly" Ogden (née Watson) was the wife of Trevor Ogden and daughter-in-law of Stan and Hilda.

Polly met Trevor when he had a cyst operation carried out in a hospital where Polly worked as a nurse. Since leaving Weatherfield aged fifteen in 1964, Trevor had worked his way into the building trade and cut virtually all ties with his northern roots; when he married Polly in 1971, he told her his parents were dead, although he did write a letter to Stan and Hilda that year before marrying, which he thought they'd ignored as he never received the reply they sent. In 1973, Polly gave birth to a son, Damian.

At the end of the year, just before Christmas, Polly answered the door to Stan and Hilda, who had tracked Trevor down to Chesterfield as they wanted to reconnect with him after nine years. The initial exchanges were awkward as the elder Ogdens didn't know that Trevor had married or that they were grandparents, while Polly was interested in why Trevor had written them off but didn't want Stan and Hilda to know he had. When Trevor arrived home, he wasn't happy to see his parents but he was polite with them, although he was visibly embarrassed at the reminder of the working class community he'd abandoned. When alone with Polly, Trevor was more vocal, warning her that if they let Stan and Hilda into their lives they'd never be rid of them. Polly admitted that she didn't like them much either but that she wanted to invite them to stay the night as it was getting late, but Trevor was against this and rushed them out of the house before their dinner guests arrived. There was friction between father and son as Stan was very aware that Trevor was only tolerating them, and Trevor blamed Stan for his failings as a child. This was exacerbated when Polly let slip that she'd been told Hilda and Stan were dead, and they left shortly thereafter.

Polly never visited Stan and Hilda in Weatherfield but Trevor paid occasional visits, usually when he wanted something. In December 1975, while pregnant with their second child, Polly was admitted to hospital for Toxaemia. Trevor asked Hilda to live in his house in Chesterfield and look after Damian for a month as he was working. Hilda was hurt that Trevor had broken his silence to ask her to skivvy for him but went to Chesterfield anyway. In January 1976, Polly gave birth to a daughter, Jayne.

In October 1986, Hilda was drafted in again when Trevor and Polly went on holiday for two weeks without the kids.

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