The Policewoman called at 7 Coronation Street to take details from Harry and Lucille Hewitt about Patricia Holmes, a thirteen-year-old who a lonely Lucille had befriended when she spotted her looking lost on Rosamund Street outside Swindley's Draperies. Patricia lied to Lucille that she had come from Crewe to visit her gran but in reality, she was a runaway from an approved school. Having read about her absconding in the paper, Harry alerted the police who quickly caught up with the girl. The policewoman asked Harry to check if any money was missing from the house as a sum had been found on the girl. While he went off to investigate in the other rooms, Lucille asked the policewoman what would happen to her new friend "Ricia", and was annoyed when she was told she would be going back to the home, a place she had claimed she hated. Harry reported back to the policewoman that no money was missing but after she had gone, angrily told his daughter that 10/- club money was missing and he blamed her for bringing a stranger into the house.

The part of the Policewoman is notable for being played by Maggie Jones, credited as "Margaret Jones", in the first of two guest roles she portrayed in the programme before she made her debut as Blanche Hunt in September 1974.
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