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The Police Officer was on duty at Weatherfield Police Station in March 2010 when Peter Barlow was released from custody following his arrest as he tried to retrieve son Simon from George and Eve Wilson's house. Simon's maternal grandfather was concerned that Peter was unfit to look after Simon and with Peter smashing a window to gain entry into the Wilsons' house, the police had subsequently been called.

The officer then visited Underworld with his colleague in May 2010 and broke the bad news to Carla Connor that her husband Tony Gordon had escaped from Highfield Prison. They advised her to lock her doors and try and stay indoors, being with someone at all times. They gave the same advice to Roy Cropper who pointed out that it was difficult to keep doors and windows locked when running a café! Later on, they called at No. 7 when it became apparent that Tony had been a visitor there with an unsuspecting Sunita Alahan.

A short time later he was one of many officers who rushed back to Coronation Street when it became apparent that Tony had Carla and Hayley Cropper hostage in Underworld. He pulled Becky McDonald back from trying to break through the doors and she warned him that if Gordon harmed one hair on Hayley's head, she would hold the officer responsible.

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